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Arposandra Take a trip through RuneScape gold the Sewer Dungeon. Here you are able to fight Glouphrie inside the temple. You can only harm him by magical attacks. Sometimes Glouphrie will be invincible unless you damage the Summoning familiar. Once his health has gone and he disappears into thin air, leaving some treasures behind then the area is filled with dark energy. Every second, Glouphrie will take 2 damage until it respawns.

Dragonkin Lair: A brand new Fairy Ring will be available, this time in Brimstail’s Cave. The use of it will lead you to a place filled with Adamant Dragons that are like those from earlier. There are two routes. The first takes you to a cave with a Level 120 Wyverns. They breathe elemental breath like their skeletal counterparts, and are ineffective against Ice Magic, strong against all other types. This second path will lead to an Adamant Dragon level of 398.

How to getit: You'll require an Solar Ore as well as a Solar Bar. There is a mining site and the Solar Ore on the west side. Enter the crater, and extract the glittering rock. You will be awarded one Solar Ore. Also bring Hammers. To make the Solar Bar, combine the furnace with solar ore. Use the Solar Bar on the anvil and then select Smith Solar Staff. Once you have received an Solar Staff, you will need to use it. (Requires 80 Attack and 70 Magic to wield)

How to Get: Go back and mine 6 Solar Ores. Next, go back to your furnace and melt 6 solar bars. Utilize them using the anvil and then smith the following items one solar Hood One pair of Solar Gauntlets, 1 Pair of Solar Boots, 1 Solar Robe Top. They need 70 Magic and 80 defense to wear.

Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. How to Obtain: Get an ordinary tinderbox and go upstair in the Cheiftan's home. Then, you will get an Ancient Tinderbox when you dip it in the Fountain of Ancients. After that, you can enchant it with buy rs3 gold the Operate option on the Solar Staff.

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